The FORCE-IT62 is an instrument to assess one’s basic competencies for effective collaboration with people from other cultures and organizations. The FORCE-IT62 is a combination of the MPQ (Jan Pieter van Oudenhoven en Karen van der Zee, Foundation for the enhancement of intercultural contact) and the Multi-party Competence questionnaire (Richard DeRidder, ICCN).

The questionnaire is available for coaching, training and education. It can be answered in English, French and Dutch.

For answering the FORCE-IT62 you need a password that ICCN will provide. If you do not have it yet, please contact ICCN.

Before you fill in the FORCE-IT62, please note

  • The questionnaire will give you insight in your personal competences related to intercultural and inter-organizational collaboration
  • ICCN guarantees, that your personal information and results are 100% confidential; they will only be revealed to you and to the trainer of the module for which you are requested to fill in the questionnaire
  • DO NOT answer the questionnaire from a socially desirable viewpoint [What would I like to be?], but from an experiential perspective [How am I until now?]
  • DO NOT think very long about every question, give your first spontaneous answer
  • It takes about 15 minutes to fill in the FORCE-IT62
  • After you finished the FORCE-IT62, you get your results within a few minutes
  • Please print them

Choose the questionnaire for which you got the password