Dealing with interpreters

Professional intercultural encounters can be manifold, such as an interview between the immigration officer and the asylum seeker, a criminal investigation, a business negotiation. In such cases an interpreter is often used. What does one expect from this interpreter? How does one assess whether an interpreter translates and behaves correctly? What can one contribute to facilitate the interpreter’s task? When and how should one intervene? These and related questions are dealt with in the module:

At present this module is tailor made for:

  • the military deployed in peacekeeping operations
  • police officers working multicultural settings
  • immigration officers
  • judges and lawyers in court
  • aidworkers (doctors, nurses, therapists)
  • diplomats
  • international business negotiators

In addition ICCN has developed a module for allochtonous interpreters. These are interpreters, who offer services for business negotiations between a western businessman and somebody from the interpreter’s own cultural origin: