Multi-party cooperation

Current economic, political and technological developments are forcing all professionals to engage in increasingly complex relationships. Formerly independent departments, companies, cultures, interest groups and institutions are being put in situations where efficient collaboration is essential to the building of new and profitable relationships. To improve the necessary skills ICCN has developed a training module on third party intervention:

At present this module is tailor made for:

  • the military deployed in peacekeeping operations
  • NGO’s

In close collaboration with Synco, ICCN’s past years efforts have been focused on the design, testing and execution of the

The Caspian Sea Simulation is a multiparty simulation in which the participants become members of one of the different national and supra-national parties which are bound by a common goal: the exploitation of the immense oil and natural gas resources of the Caspian Sea. If this is not done properly and in a collaborative effort all littoral states will suffer the common fate of an ecological disaster. All parties in the simulation are involved in the design of a long-term solution of the economic, ecological, financial and political issues of the Caspian region.

This simulation provides insights in the difficulties, dynamics and ultimate potential of multi-party collaboration and offers tools on how to deal with the complexity of these real-life situations.

At present this simulation has been successfully conducted for a variety of homogeneous and heterogeneous groups:

  • managers of profit and non-profit organizations
  • consultants
  • military officers of different nationalities
  • diplomats and NGO’s
  • university students